Cyberbond SH 55

SH 55

Cyberbond SH 55 Sealing - Gaskets

Medium Strength, High viscosity Anaerobic adhesive.

High temperature resistant flange sealant.

CB SH 55 Technical Data

Colour - Red

Viscosity - 12.000 - 18.000 tx (mPa*s)

Setting Time - 30 - 60 (min)

Shear Strength - 6 - 12 (N/mm2)

Gap Filing Capacity:

Max Thread -

Gap (mm) - 0,10 - 0,30

Temperature Range - ( - 50 / + 200 )

General Description

In many cases Cyberbond “S” series products are able to replace traditional rigid joint faces if used in constructions. When used to seal a flange Cyberbond offers the advantage of protecting the joint against corrosion. There are different strength classes available and the designer has the choice to keep the mating parts easily disassemble or he can improve the mechanical resistance of the total construction by selecting a higher strength product.

Resistance against Oil and Gas

Cyberbond is resistant against most used oils and gases. Sealing tests below 1 bar can be done after full assembling of the parts. In order to check the properties fully respectively before filling the component with a medium the sealant should have been polymerised by at least 70 % in order to avoid infiltration.

Another great advantage of the Cyberbond sealant “S” series is that no joint settlement can be observed. Compared to traditional rigid flanges there is no need to re-tighten the flange bolts. The storage of just one liquid gasket compared to many solid types offers further benefits.

Application of Instant Gaskets

The application of the Cyberbond product can be done fast and without causing any problems. In the line the application is done by a robot or silk-screen methods. For smaller applications or in the maintenance Cyberbond can be applied simply from the bottle or tube. A brush can also be used to spread the product. Complicated designs and joints are easily sealed by using Cyberbond “S” series grades, but a certain overlap width must be granted (about 5mm minimum; about 3mm minimum around bold holes).

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