Cyberbond CB 1070


Cyberbond 1070 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Metal to Metal, Metal to Rubber and Metal to Plastic Bonding.

CB 1070 Technical Data

Appearance - Colourless

Viscosity mPa*s - ( 70 - 110 )

Setting Time (seconds):

Metal - ( 20 - 35 )

Rubber - ( 3 - 6 )

Plastic - ( 4 - 6 )

Shear Str. Steel - ( 14 - 24 )

Temperature Range - ( - 55 / + 95 )

General Description

Methylester (ME)

The first Cyanoacrylate Adhesive ever produced was a product based on the short chained Methylester:


Today the importance of this type is constantly decreasing, because the ageing properties on modern plastics and elastomers do not reach the same performance as Ethyl esters. Methyl is mainly used for bonding metal to metal and fixing difficult to bond Duroplastics. A short term higher temperature and a good resistance against most chemicals are advantages of Methyl.

Due to the fact that metal to metal applications, where Methyl really perform very well, take seldom place in the world of Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (just relative small pieces can be bonded). Ethyl esters are by far more important and give the user a better overall performance spectrum. For this reason Cyberbond developed mainly Ethyl ester based products to bond metal to plastic or metal to rubber applications.

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